2010 Welcome Package Released

For everyone asking for a detailed schedule and information regarding the competition, please check out the newly released 2010 RLC Welcome Package. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Don Venable, contact info inside the Welcome package PDF.

Rule Change Regarding Restarts

Due to the desire to limit the length of the competition resulting from a large competition field, we’ve decided to restrict the teams to one restart during the competition. In section 2.4.3 and 3.6.3 of the rules, the current wording states that teams have up to two restarts available. The next revision of the rules [...]

2010 Competition Field Announced

I’m proud to announce our largest competition field yet. The following teams (in no particular order) have submitted completed applications. All the available travel grants have been approved to the first 5 teams that requested them. Good luck to everyone from: 1. Auburn 2. CA State Long Beach 3. Case Western 4. Cedarville 5. Ecole [...]

2010 Competition Announced

The Institute of Navigation (ION) announces the 7th Annual Robotic Lawnmower Competition sponsored by the ION Satellite Division and administered by the Dayton Section of the ION. The purpose of the competition is for universities and colleges to design and operate a robotic unmanned lawnmower using the art and science of navigation to rapidly and [...]