2010 Welcome Package Released

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For everyone asking for a detailed schedule and information regarding the competition, please check out the newly released 2010 RLC Welcome Package. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Don Venable, contact info inside the Welcome package PDF.

Rule Change Regarding Restarts

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Due to the desire to limit the length of the competition resulting from a large competition field, we’ve decided to restrict the teams to one restart during the competition.

In section 2.4.3 and 3.6.3 of the rules, the current wording states that teams have up to two restarts available. The next revision of the rules that will be in effect during the 2010 competition will state that teams only have one restart available.

If there are any questions regarding the rules, please contact me, Don Venable .

2010 Competition Field Announced

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I’m proud to announce our largest competition field yet. The following teams (in no particular order) have submitted completed applications. All the available travel grants have been approved to the first 5 teams that requested them. Good luck to everyone from:

1. Auburn
2. CA State Long Beach
3. Case Western
4. Cedarville
5. Ecole de technologie Superieure
6. IIT
7. Michigan Technological University
8. Univ of Cincinnati
9. Univ of Evansville
10. Univ of Florida, Gainesville
11. Univ of Michigan
12. Univ of New Haven
13. Univ of North Florida, Jacksonville
14. Georgia Southern Univ
15. Wright State University


2010 Competition Announced

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The Institute of Navigation (ION) announces the 7th Annual Robotic Lawnmower Competition sponsored by the ION Satellite Division and administered by the Dayton Section of the ION.

The purpose of the competition is for universities and colleges to design and operate a robotic unmanned lawnmower using the art and science of navigation to rapidly and accurately mow a field of grass.

The competition will be held June 3 – 5, 2010 in Beavercreek, OH. Team technical presentations will take place on Thursday, June 3. Inspection and qualifications will be performed on Friday, June 4. The main competition will take place on Saturday, June 5 (Rain date is June 6). Teams must present on Thursday and qualify on Friday to be eligible for competition on Saturday.

For further details, including the competition itinerary, view the 2010 Robotic Lawnmower Competition Rules.

The 2010 competition will consist of the basic and advanced categories. The winning teams for both categories are based on the highest total score. Schools may sponsor more than one team.

A separate award will be awarded to the team which cuts the field with the “best cut.” Details on the best cut award are given in section 1.2

Cash awards presented to the top three teams in each category. In addition, special international recognition will be provided for all participating teams in the ION Newsletter. Winning teams will be invited to display their mowers during ION GNSS, and will have the opportunity to present their robotic mower design.